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index1Ella manufactures and distributes the finest acrylic walk in baths on the market today. As an authorized Ella dealer, we represent and support Ella’s full line of high quality, acrylic walk in baths.

Ella’s Bubbles – a Chicago-based manufacturer (OEM) and distributor of acrylic walk-in bathtubs and accessible showers – has spearheaded acrylic walk-in bathtub development, production, and distribution in North America since 2005. We offer exceptional craftsmanship, world-class customer service, and creative insights to help both distributors and dealers enhance their brand.

Ella’s Bubbles promotes independence and pleasure through elegant design, innovation, and safety solutions – in our client’s bathrooms and beyond. As a trusted industry source, we provide the consistency and reliability that businesses and consumers demand when it comes to bath fixtures.

Ella’s Bubbles offers friendly, personalized customer support from professionals in our Phoenix office – providing fast and effective solutions. We are poised to meet the challenges of the future, and to provide all of our customers with both elegant products and peace of mind.

352016 ShowAqua Therapy is Arizona’s exclusive Ella dealer for their complete line of high quality, acrylic walk in and Gel Coat bathtubs and Gel Coat Accessible Shower Stalls.

Founded by Derek Rogers and Registered Contractor Kevin Sanders in 2014, Aqua Therapy specializes in providing superior bath and shower solutions for private homes and communities throughout Arizona with a commitment to customer services. Discounts are available to military veterans.

For more information, call us today at 602.774.0406 to schedule a free consultation.

The Solution for Any Bathroom Project

Accessibility. Whether you are looking for a solution to modify an existing bathroom for necessity, lifestyle or accommodating family & friends — we have it. Our product lines offer a wide range of walk in bathtubs or showers for any residential project. For commercial space, please contact us for more information. Choose from walk in bathtubs, shower in a box packages or acrylic wall liner/panel packages. Each product line includes a range of features to meet your needs.

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