The Extensive Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

The Extensive Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

What comes from a nice long soak in the bath?

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One of life’s small joys comes from a long soak in a hot and steamy bath. As we age, though, this pleasure becomes more difficult to enjoy. Fortunately, an extensive line of Ella walk-in tubs provides multiple benefits for anyone who doesn’t want to give up on baths or independence.

Hydrotherapy has extensive health benefits…

A hot soak has long been the remedy for many health issues, from aching muscles to blood circulation. Here are just a few of the healing benefits of bathing in warm or hot water.

  • Water therapy helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis by keeping joints loose.
  • A warm soak increases the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, providing similar benefits to exercise.
  • Baths reduce stress, especially when combined with Chromatherapy (using light waves to treat the body).
  • As athletes know, a hot bath helps soothe muscles and relieve pain. This is even more effective when you add massaging features.


To discuss how a walk-in tub can improve your quality of life, please contact us. Aqua Therapy Tubs can ensure that you get the perfect model to meet your needs.

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They suffered from arthritis and they love their new Aqua Therapy Tub

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Aqua Therapy Tubs on Networking Arizona

Aqua Therapy Tubs on Networking Arizona

Watch Aqua Therapy Tubs owner Derek Rogers, as he appears on Networking Arizona with Carol Blonder to talk about what it means to specialize in safety and accessibility in the bathroom. Derek Rogers says, “We will do anything that makes the bathroom safer for seniors or for those with a disability…” It’s unbelievable how much easier your life can be when you are presented with the continued independence that you desire.

Bathrooms can be made more accessible and more importantly, more comfortable with the updated tub selection available at Aqua Therapy Tubs. Aqua Therapy Tubs provides everything you need in the bathroom for safety! From grab bars for stability to glide-in bathtubs that provide smoother transitions for those that are paralyzed or in a wheelchair. Our company is here to allow people to have the independence and safety to care for themselves in the comfort of their own home. Get the confidence that you need with Aqua Therapy Tubs bathroom upgrades.

Pakinson’s Walk a Great Success

Thank you all that came to the Parkinson Event – WOW – what a great event. We certainly enjoyed meeting many of the families as well as the caregivers and the those who participated in the walk, too

Here is a video that shows the great ways the Aqua Therapy Tubs can help those struggling with the day to day challenges of Parkinson.

Aqua Therapy Tubs Participates in the Walk for Parkinson’s Disease

Did you know you can help make a difference with people and family caregiver with Parkinson Disease?

We are glad to announce that being a part of a great organization can make a world of difference to so many. Did you know over 60,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson each year?

This year join us on Saturday – Feb. 11th, 2017 at Tempe Town Lake for our 11th annual walk/run in support of Parkinson’s disease. This year we want to make a difference and offer resources to families who are caretakers for Parkinson patients. This effort can impact each family by the money that is raised to help benefit the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center and those affected by Parkinson’s.
Within the metro Phoenix area, as well as throughout the entire state of Arizona.


100% of the proceeds raised from this event stay in Arizona to directly impact the local population.

Come Join Us!!

Saturday, February 11th Tempe Town Lake Beach Park
80 West Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, AZ

Stay tuned… Aqua Therapy Tubs….will show how they can help assist people with Parkinson’s and give great therapeutic results with their walk-in tubs.

-video coming soon-

Aqua Therapy Tubs helps AZ Spinal Cord Injury Association Make a Difference

Aqua Therapy Tubs is now proud that we can help more people in Arizona with Therapeutic tubs and walk in tubs. We know that many times those who are have a disability have more challenges with daily activities as well as getting around in the bathroom. That is why we are offering with the help of Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association (AzSCIA)- a  FREE  bathroom Assessment to help with modifications for bathroom safety.

Arizona Spinal Cord logo

Contact us for more information or for your FREE Assessment – call (602) 774-0406