Dual Drain Technology

Dual Drain Technology


  • Gravity driven dual drain system
  • Empties in approximately 80 seconds under ideal plumbing conditions
  • Two independent overflow valves
  • Two ADA compatible extension handles

Standard On:

A typical bathtub drains slowly as the bather steps out, a process that can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. However, a walk in bathtub is different and unique because the door has to remain closed until all the water is emptied. There is also an additional problem to consider, the conventional drain does not offer any protection or backup if it should fail. The solution: A dual drain design that speeds up the process by 86%, and completely drains in about +/- 80 seconds, at ideal plumbing conditions.

Ella Dual Drain Technology is designed to drain the bathtub fast and safe by offering an extra two-inch drain. This is by far the best drain option in the market, as it allows the bathtub to drain quickly and efficiently without using any electrical pumps. The Dual Drain Technology has two independent overflows, two 2-inch floor drains operated independently with stainless steel cables to assure reliable and fast exit. For additional peace of mind, both drain openers are equipped with ADA compatible extension handles for people with arthritis or weak hands. All Ella Acrylic Walk In Bathtubs come standard with our unique Dual Drain Technology system.

Dual Drain Technology
Conventional 1-1/2″ Bathtub Drain
Pump Assist Drain
Two 2in. drains
Two overflow valves
Drains in less than two minutes
(at ideal plumbing conditions)
(+/- 80 seconds) (10-15 minutes) (1-2 minutes)
Needs electrical to operate
Emergency drain exit
ADA extension handles for easier grip