The Extensive Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

The Extensive Health Benefits of Hydrotherapy

What comes from a nice long soak in the bath?

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One of life’s small joys comes from a long soak in a hot and steamy bath. As we age, though, this pleasure becomes more difficult to enjoy. Fortunately, an extensive line of Ella walk-in tubs provides multiple benefits for anyone who doesn’t want to give up on baths or independence.

Hydrotherapy has extensive health benefits…

A hot soak has long been the remedy for many health issues, from aching muscles to blood circulation. Here are just a few of the healing benefits of bathing in warm or hot water.

  • Water therapy helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis by keeping joints loose.
  • A warm soak increases the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, providing similar benefits to exercise.
  • Baths reduce stress, especially when combined with Chromatherapy (using light waves to treat the body).
  • As athletes know, a hot bath helps soothe muscles and relieve pain. This is even more effective when you add massaging features.


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