Walk In Bathtubs Overview

We provide a variety of walk in bathtubs with different sizes, shapes and components that add safety, independence and therapeutic benefits to your bath. Generally speaking, the reason for modifying a bathroom can stem from a desire to age in place, a recent traumatic event or a progressing condition. Regardless of the motivation, Ella’s Bubbles can offer the best bathing solution to fit the bathroom dimensions, jetting requirements and personal physicality. In today’s housing market, the concept of Universal Design plays a huge role when developing a space for longevity and property resell value. Choosing any of our walk in bathtubs or accessible showers will benefit those living or visiting the household. It’s not just about those living in the space, it’s also about those who come to visit.

Acrylic Walk In Bathtubs

(Gloss Acrylic with Dual Drain Technology)

Outward Swing Door

(Textured Acrylic with Outswing Door)

Gel Coat Walk In Bathtubs

(Gel Coat Gloss Finish with Specialty Sizes)